• A compulsory safety briefing will be held at the beginning of each event. All drivers must attend the safety briefing.
  • All safety equipment, helmets and coveralls will be supplied.
  • Drivers must wear sensible footwear and clothing suitable for the conditions and activiy provided. High heeled footwear, open toe footwear, shoes with no tread on the sole and sandals are not suitable.

Fitness & Medical issues

  • Drivers who have an illness, are pregnant or other condition that may be affected by physical exertion or driving on rough terrain are advised not to participate and do so at their own risk. MudMania advises anyone concerned about their health in relation to the buggying to consult their GP before booking.
  • All drivers and guests use our facilities at their own risk.
  • Any driver or guest who suffers an accident on MudMania premises must report the accident immediately to a member of the MudMania staff.


  • Cancellations have to be made 4 weeks prior to your booking to receive a refund, unless forwarding a doctors certificate. If anyone is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs we will cancel their driving.


  • A disclaimer must be signed before participating. A copy of the disclaimer prior to your event is available on request.
  • MudMania accepts no responsibility whatsoever for injuries or loss incurred by participants or spectators.
  • By booking with MudMania participants understand that activities may contain an element of risk and that the venue has uneven ground which is often wet and slippery.